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Why Biphenyl is a very interesting primary choice as stationary phase in LC..

Being a GC chemist for almost 38 years I always wondered why most LC separations are performed on a C18. A C18 is an extremely good non-polar stationary phase and is the foundation of reversed-phase chromatography, where polar mobiles phases are used with non-polar stationary phases. But there are so many C18 phases, how do […]

Raptor Biphenyl LC Columns provide the data needed for global antibiotic testing

Because the widespread use of preventative veterinary antibiotics has resulted in increased antimicrobial resistance in humans, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released guidelines to address the issue in food animals (December 11, 2013). Similar constraints are also prevalent in the European Union.  Recently, European Researchers1 developed a validated method for the determination of […]

Which LC column should I use for Method 8330B explosives analysis?

Over the years, Restek has run applications on a long list of columns for this analysis. It does require a primary and secondary column for analysis, since there is not one column that perfectly separates all compounds on the list simultaneously. Keep in mind that EPA Method 8330B allows for alternate columns versus the ones […]

What does the certificate for my new LC column tell me? Why should I keep it?

You know those pieces of paper that you sometimes run across when you open a box containing a new column? Maybe you don’t have much time to look at it or it sometimes gets lost along the way. Let’s stop for a minute and look at what that information is and how it pertains to […]