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EXP Fittings: Which Nut Do I Need?

Our brilliant friends at Optimize Technologies are continually innovating and making our lab lives easier. We love their patented EXP Titanium Hybrid Ferrule technology that is truly universal. You can use it on any tubing, any 10-32-port, any instrument—wrench-tight to 20,000 psi. This fully UHPLC-capable EXP ferrule is used with all EXP nuts. Restek offers […]

Easy Peasy: Optimized LC-QTRAP Method for Pesticide Residues

Despite what is sometimes advertised, setting up optimized methods for multiresidue pesticide analysis is typically not “easy peasy” and can be quite time consuming. Luckily, some colleagues are willing to share their method with us. Thank you Kelli, James, and Jon!* The downloadable spreadsheet contains retention times, transitions, ionization and collision parameters for our LC […]

How much buffer to weigh and what’s the best way to prepare my buffered mobile phase?

Occasionally we get this question and sometimes folks do need help with the calculations. We discussed in a previous post what a buffer is composed of. Click on this link if you need to review it: When should you use a buffer for HPLC, how does it work and which one to use? For a […]

When should you use a buffer for HPLC, how does it work and which one to use?

As many of you know, buffers are usually used in mobile phases to hold the pH constant. They are composed of a weak acid or weak base, combined with its conjugate base or acid in solution that is at least partially aqueous (at least 50%).  This pair of compounds exists in equilibrium, so that when […]