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How often do I need to get my electronic flowmeter recalibrated?

The answer is it depends. It depends on how often you use it. It depends on the environment it has been exposed to. It depends on what your company’s, industry’s or government’s regulations on recalibration are. It depends on whether you have accidentally dropped or banged the device. It depends on how confident you are […]

Measuring Capillary Column Flow: “To ProFLOW or not to ProFLOW, that is the question”

Occasionally the Restek Technical Service group gets a request from a customer for information on how to measure the carrier gas flow from their capillary column with the Restek ProFLOW 6000 Electronic Flowmeter.     Although this electronic flowmeter is designed to measure volumetric flow for gases across a range of 0.5–500 mL/minute, there are […]

Connecting a Restek ProFLOW 6000 Electronic Flowmeter to an Agilent Split Vent or Septum Purge

The Restek ProFLOW 6000 Electronic Flowmeter is a very useful tool for the measurement of any type of gas commonly used in chromatography. The tubing coming out of the ProFLOW 6000 is made of a flexible elastomer about 28” long with a ¼” OD and a 1/8” ID. We occasionally get questions about how to […]