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How Dirty Are You? Part 2…Pipet Bulbs…The Answer

Check out the first How Dirty Are You? blog about Parafilm. The How Dirty Are You? pipet bulb blog showed some interesting data…mainly that I need to clean my pipet bulbs and periodically replace them. I am happy to report that I have changed my pipet bulb twice since and even do some solvent rinses. […]

How Dirty Are You? Part 2…Pipet Bulbs…The Question

Check out the first How Dirty Are You? blog about Parafilm®. This How Dirty Are You? blog is all about pipet bulbs. Our lab has 14 people and we have at least a few types of pipet bulbs for both borosilicate glass Pasteur pipets or volumetric pipets. I am sure this isn’t surprising to most […]

[4]Troubleshooting HPLC- Fronting Peaks

Patterns in your HPLC chromatography can exhibit telltale signs that point toward probable sources of error.  In this brief series of posts, we have looked at possible scenarios that you may encounter in the laboratory and how you might approach resolving those difficulties. Any time you have difficulty with poor peak shape, it is also […]

Now you see it, now you don’t – Troubleshooting method recovery problems

We sometimes get calls from analysts that just can’t seem to get acceptable recovery results for the method they’re performing.  Regardless of the analytical technique, a methodical approach to identifying the problem is always essential. The first step should be to define the problem. Answer the following questions: Does the chromatography for your quantitation standards […]

Building up pressure on HPLC?

We’ve all experienced a pressure error on HPLC at some time or another. Here are my best suggestions on handling them. Establish ground rules-This will help to define the problem and distinguish if there really is one. 1.     Check your programmed max pressure limit. Be aware of what the operating limit is for your system and […]