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Dilute, Shoot, and Elute – am I missing anything? YES!

  Everyone’s lab is different in terms of how many samples per day are processed, but they all share the common pain point of sample preparation. Some samples like blood and plasma need a significant amount of prep to remove proteins, phospholipids, and salts, whereas labs running urine or drinking water samples can “get by” […]

EXP Fittings: Which Nut Do I Need?

Our brilliant friends at Optimize Technologies are continually innovating and making our lab lives easier. We love their patented EXP Titanium Hybrid Ferrule technology that is truly universal. You can use it on any tubing, any 10-32-port, any instrument—wrench-tight to 20,000 psi. This fully UHPLC-capable EXP ferrule is used with all EXP nuts. Restek offers […]

What is the pressure limit for my LC column?

This is a question we get in Tech Services fairly often.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a published limit for every column that we produce, but here are a few of them that we have specified: For 3 and 5 um fully porous particle ROC LC columns, the maximum operating pressure is 400 […]

How to decrease run time for reversed phase LC

There are several ways to accomplish this, although it boils down to roughly 4 possibilities. Use a shorter column length. This may be appropriate if you have plenty of retention for your analyte(s), if you only have one or a few analytes AND if you do not have interference peaks in your chromatogram. It does, […]

Finding the right fitting for HPLC or UHPLC

If you are wondering which type of fitting you need, you can find a wealth of information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of our website, under the HPLC and UHPLC category. Click on the links below for answers to some common questions: What size threads are on the end fittings of my HPLC […]

Choosing a guard cartridge for LC

So you have a guard cartridge holder of some sort, and you don’t have the guard cartridge to put inside. If you happen to have missed that last blog post about the holder, click on the following link. Choosing a guard cartridge holder for LC Let’s determine what type of guard cartridge you need. A […]

What does the certificate for my new LC column tell me? Why should I keep it?

You know those pieces of paper that you sometimes run across when you open a box containing a new column? Maybe you don’t have much time to look at it or it sometimes gets lost along the way. Let’s stop for a minute and look at what that information is and how it pertains to […]

Which LC Phase Do I Need?

So you’re thinking about doing HPLC (or UHPLC) and don’t have a method? You’ve never even seen a method for anything remotely similar. You might have even searched our HPLC chromatogram database for the application and haven’t found anything.  (After all, that’s the quickest and easiest way to get some ideas.) What to do… Let’s […]