Think you must use RFID-tagged lamps? Think again!

The recent addition of Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID tags) to detector lamps allows automatic reference and usage data collection to your system software. This is convenient but comes at a cost: up to 40% more for an OEM-tagged lamp compared to a Restek replacement lamp. At the time of the writing of this blog post, Restek does not offer RFID-tagged lamps. But if you don’t need the bookkeeping feature, simply disable the tag requirement in your system software and save some money.

To allow the use of a non-tagged lamp in Lab Advisor, follow these instructions:

At your Lab Advisor home screen, choose “System Information > Instrument Control” from the left navigation column. A module list appears in the main window. Click on the detector module. Expand the “Controls” menu. Click on the “Special Commands” triangle at the bottom. Turn the “Lamp tag required” option off (circled option). A non-tagged lamp will not attempt to light if this option is ON. Be sure to click the “Save Session Results” button at the bottom of the screen. That’s it!

LabAdvisor SS Circle

The software can still count your hours. Simply reset the counter in the “EMFs” menu option.

Lab Advisor EMFsCircle

Except for the tag, Restek lamps are manufactured to meet OEM specifications and have stood the test of time in field use. We have been offering lamps for more than 15 years. In the rare case that you experience an issue with a Restek lamp, return it for a replacement. 100% satisfaction guarantee is Pure Satisfaction.


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