This isn’t your average CSI, the International Network of Environmental Forensics (INEF)

Next week (June 10-12) at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) the International Network of Environmental Forensics conference is being held.  This isn’t your typical crime scene investigation but, as defined by the INEF, “environmental forensics is the use of scientific techniques to identify the source, age, and timing of a contaminant into the environment.”  We may not be learning how to catch the killer, but maybe the contaminator! This conference is essentially next door to Restek (10 min drive) so it is a great opportunity to attend presentations from some of the international leaders in the field.  I know that I am looking forward to learning more about environmental forensics.  A few Restek scientists will also be presenting at the conference.  Chris English will be presenting work that he did using purge and trap to analyze BTEX in crude oils.  He did a blog on the topic if you are interested.   I will be presenting some work that I did using GCxGC-TOFMS to fingerprint crude oils and tarballs using petroleum biomarkers.  We used the NORDTEST oil spill identification system to determine if some of the tarballs we received from Florida matched the oil from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  The full application note was just published if you are interested in more detail. Last, but certainly not least, Jack Cochran will present about true peak capacity increase using GCxGC for environmental forensic applications.  Jack also blogged about true peak capacity increase for GCxGC in the past.  The list of speakers, topics and visiting my alma mater has me excited for a great week next week!

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