Thrive with the New Rxi-65…TG!

Introducing our new and improved GC stationary phase: The Rxi-65TG! This column is essential for analyzing triglycerides in edible oils! You may be asking yourself, why the need for a new 65-type phase? Well, we certainly were not happy with the way our current Rtx-65TG was performing. After redeveloping the polymer and using Rxi technology, we really think we have something that you will enjoy using! Forget the old days of high bleed and poor thermal stability. With the new Rxi-65TG, you will experience run-to-run/column-to-column reproducibility, excellent thermal stability, and super low bleed! Don’t just take my word for it though, check out the data here!


Photo Credit: Roberta Sorge

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2 Responses to “Thrive with the New Rxi-65…TG!”

  1. Yuki says:

    Hey Colton,

    How much column bleed is tolerated at the maximum isothermal temp of the column in Restek?? I notice maximum temperatures listed for some columns in Restek have column bleed of 0 pA, while others have a few pA in COAs or even more.

    In the link referenced, Rxi-65TG has a column bleed of 5-7pA at 360C. The spec listed in the catalog listed on the last page in the linked reference says 370C as a maximum temperature, and I’m sure it’s not zero pA at 370C.

  2. Colton Myers says:

    Hello, Yuki. Thank you for reading the blog! Unfortunately, I cannot speak to what we allow for column bleed at the maximum isothermal temperature for the Rxi-65TG. We do bleed spec our columns because there is always going to be a little bit of bleed even for the most stable stationary phases. I can speak to the bleed at 370 °C in the link that posted though. At that temperature, the bleed definitely is not 0 pA. The bleed at 370 °C should be very comparable to the bleed at 360 °C, so it’s only slightly higher at 8-12 pA, which is phenomenal for a highly polar stationary phase!

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