Top 16 for 2016 – Restek LC Article Makes the Cut

If you are an avid chromatographer you likely subscribe to LC/GC magazine or its popular electronic version, E-Separation Solutions. It is definitely the place to go for news and information related to all things Chromatography. Over the years Restek has had many an article published in LC/GC and, full disclosure, we advertise there as well. Who in the business doesn’t? It is the place to be seen.

Back in June a couple of Restek’s LC R&D scientists had an article published entitled, “Effects of Column Inner Diameter and Packed Bed Heterogeneities on Chromatographic Performance.” In case you missed it this summer you can read it here: LC/GC Article

While we got some really good feedback on this article we were thrilled when LC/GC released The Top 16 Articles of 2016 issue and our article came in at #7 on the list. It was not too surprising to us. Anyone that reads the article can see the tremendous amount of research and thought that went into its preparation as well as the relevance to current chromatographic trends. Not unlike the research and thought that goes into the development of Restek’s premium performance LC products. Authors Ed Franklin and Ty Kahler are a part of a team of talented scientists and engineers that brought to life amazing LC products like Raptor™ SPP column, Roc® LC columns, and the new Force™ Premium LC/UHPLC columns. Products which consider the needs of today’s chromatographers, performance, robustness, and innovation.

There is some significant LC firepower in the R&D lab at Restek and it goes into every product that we produce…no matter what the inner diameter is.

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