Using a liquid leak detection solution has consequences

We have been warning about the consequences of using liquid leak detection products for years (see Blog).  These products, like Snoop, contain a whole host of compounds that can easily contaminate your GC system if you have a leak.  The solution can enter the leak site by capillary action, and is very hard to remove, leaving a lasting background signature.  Furthermore, squirting a liquid onto an electronic device or instrument sounds like a really dumb idea.  We have also seen that some customers have used an electronic leak detector after using a liquid leak detection solution and sucked the solution up into the device and damaged it!!

Recently we found a new reason not to use liquid leak detection solution.  In order to evaporate the solution a little quicker these products use volatile solvents as well as water.  These solvents can degrade plastic components of a GC system.  In the following example you can see before and after images of what can happen to the plastic housing of a gas filter cartridge.

Gas filter cartridge before

Gas filter cartridge after


The only way to detect gas leaks in a GC system that is quick, easy, cheap, effective, safe and accurate is to use an electronic leak detector like Restek’s latest version of our leak detector 28500

Restek’s electronic leak detector, 28500.

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