Using Raptor ARC-18 for a Rapid Analysis of Vitamin E Acetate

We recently took a look at combining Vitamin E Acetate and cannabinoids into one method  This route allows labs to diversify their testing services with a few simple modifications, if using our potency method.  We wanted to give labs another option as well.  Therefore, Justin Steimling went back into the lab and developed a standalone rapid analysis for Vitamin E Acetate.

A Raptor ARC-18 30 x 3.0 mm, 2.7 µm column was utilized for this quick 3 minute run.  Justin used methanol instead of acetonitrile since it is actually a stronger solvent for this compound.  Another added benefit to this method is the lower cost associated with methanol compared to acetonitrile.  Whether your lab would like a rapid standalone method or modifying your potency method, we have two routes for analyzing Vitamin E Acetate.

One Response to “Using Raptor ARC-18 for a Rapid Analysis of Vitamin E Acetate”

  1. I am interested in this. We may be adding this to our safety panel.

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