Want to learn about “Injection Techniques in GC” or “Practical Maintenance and Troubleshooting in GC”? Sign up to join our half day course during Pittcon, Chicago.

Please join one of our courses presented next Pittcon in Chicago:

“Injection Techniques in GC”:  Monday,  March 2,  08:30-12:00, Session: SC1230.

“Practical maintenance and troubleshooting in Gas Chromatography”: Tuesday, March 3, 08:30-12:00, Session: SC1231

For location, visit short course office at S100C.


Injection Techniques in Gas Chromatography

In Gas chromatography the most important process is to get the sample into the column. If sample transfer is not optimized, the results will not be reliable. Goal of this course is to understand the different injection techniques used and the process how to obtain a narrow injection band.In this half day course we will discuss the basics of the most popular injection techniques that are used in Gas chromatography. Techniques like split, splitless, direct, on-column and large volume injection will be discussed in detail. Also the selection of liners, retention gaps and columns will be addressed.All techniques will be explained using practical examples. At the end we will zoom into some typical “injection” troubleshooting examples


Practical maintenance and troubleshooting in Gas Chromatography

In Gas chromatography 90% of the troubles experienced, is happening in the injection system. In this training we will discuss the purpose and impact of the critical parts (consumables) present in split and splitless injection systems and how this impact in a maintenance schedule. At the end we will discuss a series of practical examples via troubleshooting exercises. In this half day course we will discuss the maintenance and optimization challenges for Split and Splitless injection techniques. We will zoom in carrier gas choice and purity, tubing, connections, septa, ferrules, seals, liners, column-coupling, installation and column maintenance. Also column operation/optimization and extending column life time will be discussed.


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