What is the difference between Restek nitrogen generators which use electricity and those which do not?

You may have reviewed our product webpage for Parker Balston® Nitrogen Gas Generators for LC-MS and noticed that is states: Models N2-04, N2-14, N2-22, and N2-35 require no electricity.  So why don’t these models require electricity but models N2-14A, N2-22A, and N2-35A do?

The simple answer is: those which use electricity have an oxygen sensor and audible alarm built into them, and the others don’t.  The oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen content in the nitrogen process stream.  When the oxygen level increases above the set-point, an alarm will sound letting you know that gas output does not meet purity specifications.

Please note:  Models N2-14A, N2-22A and N2-35A may be available from Restek as custom products.  Please ask your Restek Sales Representative if interested in obtaining a quote for these or any gas generator.




Some other things you may not know about the nitrogen generators we sell:


22129 has a built-in air compressor.

*  If you are going to use nitrogen for GC carrier gas, choose an Ultra-High Purity generator like 21653 and 20697.

*  We also sell maintenance kits.

  Maintenance Kits for Parker Balston® Nitrogen Gas Generators for LC-MS

  Annual Maintenance Kits for Parker Balston® Nitrogen Gas Generators




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