Which LC column should I use for Method 8330B explosives analysis?

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Over the years, Restek has run applications on a long list of columns for this analysis. It does require a primary and secondary column for analysis, since there is not one column that perfectly separates all compounds on the list simultaneously. Keep in mind that EPA Method 8330B allows for alternate columns versus the ones listed if you can demonstrate proficiency by presenting valid data that meets QC acceptance criteria as described in Method 8000. Our Innovations chemists have worked hard to make column selection easier for this and get you started in the right direction for optimization.

So far, we have determined optimal conditions for two pairs of columns that we recommend above all other combinations. For traditional HPLC systems with a 400 Bar pressure limit, we suggest using an Ultra C8 as the primary column and an Ultra Aromax as the secondary (confirmatory) column.

Here are chromatograms. For best resolution, please click on the chromatogram.:


cropped lc 526cropped lc 527



If you have a system that has a pressure limit of at least 600 Bar, we suggest our Raptor™ Biphenyl as the primary column and Raptor™ ARC-18 as the secondary column.

Here are chromatograms. Again, for best resolution, please click on the chromatogram:

cropped lc 530LC531




I hope this clarifies some things and gets you started in the right direction. Thank you for reading.

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