Why pay for Technical Support if you can have at least the same as a Free Service from Chromatography Specialists?

Many laboratories experience the same challenge:  They have many chromatographic applications running with their GC and LC systems, and as long as there is no problem, everything is fine. Trouble starts when a problem is observed and data looks “different”.. At that point troubleshooting will start and an experienced user has to look at the system.

Chromatography applications need maintenance. For a system that is used with the same samples and similar matrices, maintenance can be turned into preventive maintenance.  This means BEFORE trouble starts the maintenance is already performed. This can be changing liners, seals, septa,, cutting a meter of the column inlet or replacing a complete guard column.

Practically sample load is different and so are the maintenance intervals.

This is also valid for troubles that may evolve during operation.  Challenge of many laboratories is that the GC systems sold are often presented as a “simple”, self diagnostics, operate with minimal trouble, so you  need a less educated person to operate them.

People should be very careful about this. Does the operator realize how important the correctness is of the data that was generated?  Or what decisions are made based on the produced data?  And: what can happen if the data was not correct? Legal impact can be huge.

To operate GC-systems one must also take responsibility for the data and this can only be present if you know it is correct. This means: knowing what is happening inside the instrument.  Here comes the challenge and opportunity: The level of knowledge on chromatography in the labs is decreasing which is a risk, so a new market is developing:  The market of Chromatography expertise.

You see all kinds of commercial services offered where you can sign up for: Chromedia,  ChromAcademy, etc. but you have to pay a significant membership fee depending on degree of service.

I like to get your awareness for a free service that is always out there, and that is the added value that a few specialized chromatography companies can deliver. They do not want to sell a GC or lC systems, but are pure specialized in the chromatography part, which is the heart of every chromatographic system.

Get in touch with such companies specialized in Chromatography. They have been talking with customers for many years and have built up a huge knowledge on all aspects of practical chromatography.

For instance at Restek, we have specialized  people for petrochemical, environmental, forensics, food, fragrance,  pharma, but also for troubleshooting LC columns, Sample prep. , GC Columns, Reference materials, Air sampling etc.  These people do method development and know the practical side of the real world applications, as they also work direct with customers. There is very little that these people have not seen. This resource is available via:  http://www.restek.com/Contact-Us/Technical-Service

The ChromaBLOGraphy will also give you an idea about the technical capabilities of our team.

Alternatively you can join chromatography forum’s and feed your question there. Regretfully forums seem to have a relative short life. If someone knows an interesting one, please share.  One of the latest is via Linkedin


Other than that: In case I have a challenge, I want to be helped fast. I contact people I know can help me, instead of passive waiting via the forum.

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